Who we are and what we do

Zukhruff was "officially" founded back in 2011 in order to be able to play with the big boys, Shell Marketing in this instance, who otherwise wouldn't deal with a freelance designer. Islam Elshazly, the founder, on the other hand, had by then been designing and spending long nights for tight deadlines since 1998, in a small magazine back in a suburb of Cairo while getting his commerce degree... He is yet to work in commerce!

The word Zukhruff is Arabic for adornment and making things beautiful.

Earlier in his career he worked on campaigns for some of the world's leading international brands, like Lufthansa, Tissot, and LeMeridian, since then as he moved from one continent to the next, he worked on projects like Destination Africa for the Calgary Zoo, managed projects for a number of companies like Etisalat, Battistella Developments, Theatre Calgary, and YWCA, and designed for Xerox Creative Services, Northern Health BC, and the University of Saskatchewan.

Our services include:

Branding and identity design

Marketing and corporate communication

Print media and promotional materials